Fake and low-quality traffic eat up to 16% of your advertising budgets. fraud0 stops common forms of ad fraud such as click fraud, retargeting and affiliate fraud, and additionally enable you to block low-quality users – users who click without the intention to buy.

fraud0 excludes this unwanted traffic from all your marketing channels (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook, Microsoft etc.) and protects your ad budget from bots, fake users and low-quality traffic. With fraud0 you are able to boost your campaign results, win more customers and outperform your competition!

Am I a victim of advertising fraud?

The answer is probably yes. We have seen everything from 1% – 100% fraudulent traffic. What we’ve never seen, however, is 0%.

On average, 16% of ad spend is wasted on fraudulent activity and low-quality traffic (users who click on your ads with no intent to buy).

Even if you’ve been a victim of ad fraud before, it’s never too late to start saving money.

What are indications that bot traffic is clicking on my ads?

Signs of bot traffic include:

  • High bounce rates (for example in your CMP statistics or analytics tool)

  • Low-quality leads

  • Anything too high or too low (100% bounce rate, 0 seconds on site)

  • Anything too random or too consistent (even traffic distribution every day, same outliers).

  • Anything that doesn’t make common sense (a high volume of visitors at night)

  • High traffic from a specific referral site coupled with an unusually high bounce rate

  • Most traffic following a specific navigation pattern (all exiting on the same web page)

For more information on how to detect bots using your own analytics data, see our article: How to detect IVT using your own analytics data

Don't Google and Facebook already block fake traffic?

Yes, Google and Facebook do detect fraudulent traffic, but many advertisers feel that they just don’t do enough.

How fast does fraud0 block unwanted traffic?

We monitor your traffic continuously 24/7 and block unwanted traffic in real time.

How can I get started?

You can start immediately by creating a free account and be up and running within a few minutes.

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