On average, stores have conversion rates of 1%-3%. This means that 97% – 99% of paid traffic does not convert.

In the segment of non-converting users, we find patterns and then give the store the opportunity to exclude the users with the lowest purchase probability from further marketing activities. To accomplish this, we calculate a conversion probability for each user based on historical conversion data as well as behavior on the page.

Is the user clicking and immediately bouncing back, or is the user spending time on the page and studying product details? For a statement, we need up to 1,000 conversions, then the algorithm has adjusted.

The way it works is similar to Google Analytics Conversion Probability.

Don't let vendors' algorithms determine how you spend your budgets; they are always tuned in favor of the vendor making more money, not your campaigns doing better. - Dr. Augustine Fou

By excluding this unwanted traffic, we significantly improve campaign performance.

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