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What's new on fraud0

Use release notes to stay informed about recent updates. Release notes summarize new features, resolved issues, and known issues in the latest version of Fraud0 products and services.


admin-frontend Version 4.0.0

New Features

  • Add Chart type selection with two options traffic by type and traffic over time

  • For traffic by type: show charts as stacked bar chart with 5 data for each chart: valid conversion, engaged sessions, non-engaged sessions, invalid suspicious and invalid bot sessions.

  • For traffic over time: using line chart to map the data into lines over dates sorted by top 10 and only returning lines with data ( over 0 total )

  • Mapping new table columns in the report page to have new data columns as a part of the report with total sessions, invalid total %, invalid bot %, invalid suspicious %, non-engaged %, engaged % and conversion.


  • Rename Titles, descriptions and texts related to reports, dashboard items or tooltips.

  • Adjust font-sizes, margins and styling issues for texts and dashboard elements.

  • Traffic Mix by Channel: By default, sort the bar charts and the table by total sessions and not by impact when the table sort-by is changed, the bar charts should not be affected For the table Replace sort-by drop down with sortable table column headers Display a maximum of 10 bar charts.

  • Add hourly aggregation for date for today and yesterday and weekly

  • Hide search engine crawler if == 0 as tooltip

  • Load start of data collection from MySQL instead of Elasticsearch

Bug Fixes

  • Remove ‘type’ drop down as it makes no sense to have it for time related dimensions

  • Channel dimension is not sorted

  • Placeholder chart uses old chart structure

  • Chart type doesn't change when switching reports

  • Report columns do not match the dashboard

Known Issues

  • Chart type select box doesn’t change by selecting an already existed chart.

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