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Why does the TikTok channel possibly have a high amount of invalid traffic?

Almost all TikTok traffic is proxyed through 3 data centers (there is an official press release from Tiktok about this: Delivering on our US data governance | TikTok Newsroom).

However, this is very unusual and no other provider works like this. We could now theorize why this is the case and what TikTok can do with the data, but that falls into the realm of speculation.

Due to the fact that the entire user traffic runs through data centers, some of our algorithmic checks hit and report the traffic as bot traffic. It could also be bot traffic, but we can't be 100% sure. Therefore, we will list the traffic in a new category "suspicious" in the future.
What does this mean for you or for the interpretation of the data: in this case, unfortunately, not very much. TikTok's traffic routing ensures that we cannot give you any clear recommendations for action. Fortunately, we only have this issue with TikTok, but it is indeed somewhat unsatisfactory.

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