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DataLayer events

Fraud0 currently creates up to three DataLayer events which can be used for a GTM setup but also for other tag managers as well as own logic (e.g., use personalized website services only for real users). For all new setups please use thefraud0 event only as the other events are deprecated:

  • When a bot is detected, the f0_event_invalid_traffic event is triggered (deprecated):

    { event: 'f0_event_invalid_traffic' }
  • When a low-quality user is detected, the f0_event_low_quality_traffic event is triggered (deprecated):

    { event: 'f0_event_low_quality_traffic' }
  • For both - bot and human traffic - a fraud0 event is triggered, providing information about bot traffic:

       event: 'fraud0',
       f0_bot_traffic: 'no',

Bot Traffic can have the following values:

no = human user

yes = bot user

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