Fraud0 currently creates three DataLayer events which can be used for a GTM setup but also for other tag managers as well as own logic (e.g., use personalized website services only for real users). To keep it simple, we would advise you to use the fraud0 event only and skip the first two events:

  • When a bot is detected, the f0_event_invalid_traffic event is triggered (deprecated):

    { event: 'f0_event_invalid_traffic' }
  • When a low-quality user is detected, the f0_event_low_quality_traffic event is triggered (deprecated):

    { event: 'f0_event_low_quality_traffic' }
  • In all cases, the fraud0 event is triggered, combining both invalid and low-quality traffic:

       event: 'fraud0',
       f0_bot_traffic: 'no',
       f0_traffic_quality: 'standard',

Traffic Quality can have the following values:

low = low possibility of a conversion

standard = no specific probability

high = a high possibility of a conversion (e.g. user was in the checkout process)