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Google Tag Manager (GTM) Setup

fraud0 Event

fraud0 generates one main event fraud0 which will be available in the Google Tag Manager and may be used for Data Layer Variables and Trigger creation. Please find a more detailed description on the fraud0 event here.

   event: 'fraud0',
   f0_bot_traffic: 'no',

1. Setup Variables in GTM

  • Click on the Variable Configuration field and choose in the now opened overlay the variable type Data Layer Variable

  • Name your variable DLV f0 (1) (or use your own naming convention)

  • Choose the Data Layer Variable Name (2)

    • f0_bot_traffic

Click on Save

2. Setup Trigger in Google Tag Manager

  • Navigate to Triggers (1) and click New (2) in the top-right corner

  • Select Custom Event from the trigger type list

    fraud0 - GTM - Trigger - Custom Event.png
  • Name your Trigger f0 Bot Traffic Trigger (or use your own naming convention)

  • Choose Custom Event (1) as the Trigger Type

  • Choose the Event Name (2)

    • fraud0

  • Select Some Custom Events (3) and set the conditions:

    • Choose the “DLV f0” configured in Step 1 (when using our naming convention: DLV_f0_bot_traffic)

    • “equals”

    • “yes”

Click on Save

Next Steps

In the next steps, you have to create Negative Audience lists for your channels. Please have a look at our setup guides:

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