fraud0 Events

fraud0 generates an event per traffic type (e.g. for invalid traffic or low-quality website user). This event is then available in Google Tag Manager for the Trigger creation.

Naming Convention: All fraud0 events begin with f0_event_ and are then further specified with an additional dimension. Currently, there are two events available for usage:

  • f0_event_invalid_traffic

  • f0_event_low_quality_traffic

Setup Trigger in Google Tag Manager

  • Select Custom Event from the trigger type list

  • Name your Trigger F0 Trigger

  • Choose Custom Event (1) as the Trigger Type

  • Choose your Event Name (2)

    • f0_event_invalid_traffic

    • f0_event_low_quality_traffic

    • f0_event_.*

You can set up two individual triggers (one for f0_event_low_quality_traffic and one for f0_event_invalid_traffic) or use the regex match f0_event_.* in the Event Name to combine both events in one trigger.

Please make sure to check Use regex matching if you want to use the wildcard event name.

  • Select All Custom Events (3) in the This trigger fires on section

Click on Save

Next Steps

In the next steps, you have to create Negative Audience lists for your channels. Please have a look at our setup guides:

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