We provide you with 2 different JavaScript codes:

  • fraud0 Main Tag
    This is the main code and responsible for detecting and blocking bots and everything else.

  • fraud0 Conversion Tag
    This code makes use of our low-quality analysis and to enable us to fine-tune our detection algorithms

This page shows you, how to implement the fraud0 Conversion Tag code via Google Tag Manager on your website. If you want to implement the fraud0 Main Tag on your website, please read:

Implementing fraud0 Main Tag directly on your website →

Implementing fraud0 Main Tag via Google Tag Manager →

We recommend implementing the fraud0 code directly on your website. This allows us to catch bots that have already bounced before the GTM could even launch.

Learn how: Implementing fraud0 Conversion Tag directly on your website →

Step 1: Get your fraud0 Conversion Tag code

To make use of our low-quality analysis and to enable us to fine-tune our detection algorithms, please place the Conversion Tag to your confirmation pages, e.g. payment confirmation page.

  • Login to your fraud0 Dashboard

  • Navigate to Settings (1) → Script implementation (2)

  • You can find the code in the Conversion Tag section (3)

  • Copy the code

The code looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
fraud0 = window.fraud0 || [];

Step 2: Add a new tag in Google Tag Manager

  • Name the new tag F0 Conversion Tag

  • Open Tag Configuration and select Custom HTML

  • Paste your code from Step 1 into the HTML field (1)

  • Check Support document.write (2)

  • Set Tag firing priority to 1000 (3) in Advanced Settings

  • Set Triggering to the equivalent purchase trigger from your website (e.g. a trigger based on your confirmation page or a specific purchase event)

Click on Save

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