Follow these steps to exclude the fraud0 Audience, you created in the previous step.

  • Navigate to the Line Items (1) you want to exclude fraud0 Audience

  • Click on the highlighted Edit Button (2)

  • In the Exclude Section, click on Add Audience to Expand from your First Party Audiences.

  • Here, you can select the F0_Negative Audience and apply it as a negative Audience to your Line Item

  • Repeat the step for all Line Items

Click Apply → You did it!
From now on, fake and low-quality traffic will be excluded from your DV360 campaigns and your ad budget is protected.

Next Steps

In the next steps, you can create Negative Audience lists for your other channels. Please have a look at our setup guides:

Google Ads Setup →

Facebook Business Manager Setup →

Microsoft Ads / Bing Ads Setup →

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