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Implement fraud0 Main Tag directly on your website

fraud0 provides 2 different JavaScript codes:

  • fraud0 Main Tag
    This is the main code and responsible for providing you a detailed traffic analysis including invalid traffc.

  • fraud0 Conversion Tag
    This code makes use of our low-quality analysis and enables us to fine-tune our detection algorithms

This page shows you, how to implement the fraud0 Main Tag code directly on your website. If you want to implement the fraud0 Conversion Tag on your website, please read:

Implement fraud0 Conversion Tag directly on your website →

Implement fraud0 Conversion Tag via Google Tag Manager →

Implement fraud0 Main Tag code

  • Login to your fraud0 Dashboard

  • Navigate to Implementation

  • You can find your fraud0 code in the Main Tag section

  • Copy and paste the JavaScript code into the <body> tag on every page of your website

The code should look something like this:

<!-- fraud detection BODY TAG -->
<script async src=""></script>
<!-- End of FRAUD0 BODY TAG -->

Need support?

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