This page shows you, how to implement the Google Analytics Tag (Universal Analytics) via Google Tag Manager.

  • Within the Tag Configuration section select Google Analytics: GA4 Event

  • Give your tag a name (e.g. GA4 - Event - fraud0 (1)) and select your GA4 Configuration Tag (2) (here: “GA4 - config”)

  • Use “fraud0” (3) as Event Name

  • Add a new row in the User Properties section (4) and type in

    • “fraud0_traffic_status” in the Property Name column and

    • “{{dlv - f0_bot_traffic}} | {{dlv - f0_traffic_quality}}” below Value

  • The code above makes sure you get the Value dynamically filled with the values previously defined.

  • In the Triggering section you need to assign the F0 Trigger (5) you have created before

Save the configuration

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