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Create a new audience in Google Ads

Follow these steps to create a new Google Ads audience for the audience exclusion.

  • Login to your Google Ads Account

  • Navigate to Tools and Settings (1) → Audience Manager (2) in the main navigation bar

  • Click on Segments (1) and then on the Add (2) button

  • Select Website Visitors from the drop-down

  • Name your audience (F0_Negative_Audience (1))

  • Within Actions click on Refine Action

  • Extend the Action “Web page visit” to the maximum value of 540 days (2)

  • Select the appropriate tag (F0 Google Ads Tag (2)) that you also used to fire the custom event in GTM together with your Google Ads Remarketing Tag

  • Select the F0flag (3) in the drop-down and set ist to equals 1

Click on Create Segment

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